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Already Suggested Performance Optimization

Do you want this optimization in place, to enhance your games performance significantly?

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New Member
Army Management should only display the top 20 most healed units, instead of up to 20 of each health amount per unit.

As your unattached troops get wounded, then taken out of the army pool, they display in addition to the original 20 other units of it's same type. This means, you could have hundreds of one unit displayed lag your game to the point of it being nearly unplayable.

Only the 20 most healed of each unit should be displayed, and never more than 20 of a unit would be shown. The game currently displays 20 of each health amount of each unit, instead of the 20 most healed units. As a result, you could have 200 of a unit displayed which hurts performance significantly. By not showing us the low health troops, and only displaying the top 20 most healed (which could become wounded troops, if you are out of fully healed troops) performance will not drop with consistent playing.

Visual Aid:
Self explanatory, screenshot would not upload.

This will not impact features in a way that requires changes, this will simply allow for smoother gameplay.

Abuse Prevention:
This cannot be abused.

By correctly displaying units in the army management, instead of seeing 20 of each until for each amount of health, the game will have much better performance.


New Member
In that case, it should not add the extras, it should be 20 most healed attached and 20 most healed unattached. Thanks for clarifying.