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I need them to get 74 more marble so that I can spend even more time trying to get 40 glass .

EDIT: I have the glass now
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Time for a bit of fun to start off 2020 in light-hearted form. I want to know, in your own words, the silliest reason you think that you should win 100 Diamonds. There are 5 prizes of 100 diamonds on offer. All winners will be chosen randomly. Get your entries in by midnight on January 20th, 2020.

*The rules may change at any given time
[/QUOTE They will be a great gift for my wife when we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year! I assume, of course, that you are giving away real diamonds rather than those overpriced, impossible to find FOE ones.
I play Jaime


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Yesterday was a bad day. Horrible, really. First, I lost the racquetball at the gym, then my shoe trees died, then this girl in my vegetarian cooking class said she knew me, but I had never seen herbivore.
When I got home, I planned on eating a birthday cake I had stolen from the office refrigerator. but I felt an inexplicable urge to open my front door. I did, and there, across the street, was the Imaginary Friend I'd always wanted! He was everything I was not: tall, athletic, charismatic, symmetrically featured, clean. And the best part? His name was Duke. Yeah; Duke. I waved at him, smiled, and began walking towards him. I called out, "Duke! It's me! Are we going to be best friends?" He raised his head and said "Whatever, freak." Then he turned and ran away.
So, I kinda need those diamonds.


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Because it is the 20th and Pasha is doing my head in wanting to know if he can get a new collar!! And the two camels are so uptight they are spitting everywhere (yuck).
So I don't have to buy them? I buy diamonds so much that I am broke from playing the game FOE. It's addicting! I have met the greatest of players! It fills the void of extra free time!!


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The winners are:

Darth Mole
Merlin the Misfit
Kranyar the Mysterious

Congratulations, folks!
Keep an eye out tomorrow, as there will be two competitions for February (to make up for the lateness in picking winners for this one) :cool:
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