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Stephen Longshanks

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The ability to pin a message to the top of a thread in the message center.

Current System (if applicable)

Every [active] guild has multiple threads that do a lot of things, and some of them might have a specific purpose, instructions, or item that needs to be responded to. A good example are FP swaps, or lock-rate threads. When new members come in (or new players to the game), they may not understand what a thread is for. It'd be awesome to be able to pin one message to the top of the thread, that wouldn't auto-delete, that could explain what it's for. Some examples of use would be:
  • Instructions for how a swap works
  • Instructions for receiving a lock from a Power Arc
  • An announcement that guild leadership is looking for feedback on, so it's not lost to tons of replies/discussion
  • Rotation order for group swaps
  • Stating if the thread is mandatory for guild mates to stay in due to announcements/guild requirements
There are probably many other things this would be useful for, too, but those are what I can think of right-off.

So that the thread is still read-able, the message would be able to be hidden either with a "read more" after a snippet (blog style or like FB), or to just have a bar across the top that says "Open Pinned Message" so you could read it as you wanted/needed, and then close it again.

Abuse Prevention
I don't foresee any abuse. I'd make it so only one post in any message thread can be pinned to the top at a time, so it could be changed to a new one, but never more than one. One should be enough.

Visual Aids
I don't think this needs a visual aid, but I'll be happy to make one if needed. Just will take me some time in Photoshop.

If we can pin messages to the top of a thread, it should help ease some confusion when new members join our guilds and allow those who found/lead guilds to have a little time freed up to do things other than re-explaining for the millionth time a thread function. Guilds are built on teamwork, and streamlining threads like this should help make it easier to work together in many ways.
Please add any comments to the original proposal thread:
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