Player seeking new friends


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I play and p/m daily on multiple worlds. I am broke on this new L world and really need that 20c per p/m. Send me a friends request please :)


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I just joined and have no clue how to friend people. I'm also in the Bronze Age still. Not sure if that friendship is conditional, so I wanted to make that known. Didn't even know that you received 20c per p/m... Nifty :D

If you'd send the request, I'm happy to co-assist ;)


I'm brand new to the game. I sent you both friend requests. Let me know if you prefer motivate or polish and I'll do it daily.


New to the game as well. I added you three. Anyone else reading this thread feel free to add me. I M/P daily!


I'm new to the game, and i'm not sure how to add people. I'm wiling to polish/motivate daily if you'd like! Let me know what I need to do!


I am a little new too but I found the best is get into a guild . The benefits are great. I belong to the Golden Guild founded by Inkytacles he might come here to send an invite. I also accept friends always Queen53

Mama Loco

Im not new to the game but I am looking for more friends! Please add me for mo/po daily!!


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Cynderi, just sent a request

Mikal, you go to your list at the bottom of the screen. Click on the friends tab, a dialogue box opens. Click on the 3rd tab "Add Friends" and type in the player name and hit the magnifying glass icon. When they show in the list, select them, another dialogue box pops up. Hit "add as a friend"

I just sent you one BTW ;)