Please Delete. I received an answer. Thanks.


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It is very simple, sometimes Inno offers something extra when you buy diamonds. So I'm guessing the guy purchased 2 large diamond packages.

P.S. I also think sometimes the offer is public to everyone, sometime the offer pop's for few random users.


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First of all, the world just opened up on the 26th of january. PLUS, did you read the whole message. I clearly got a response back from a mod, saying that it was from the Christmas Event. That is NOT possible, due to the event being over since the 6th... P.S. Please read the whole message if you are going to respond. thx.

(Message I received that I KNOW was a LIE: Forge of Empires - Customer Support 2017-01-27 18:27:17
sorry msg was too long...anyways mods are just players..guess they didnt understand that x world was open only yesterday and just gave you canned reply.. i know they give out hideouts along with diamonds..just wait for few more days it will appear for everyone.. who is willing to spend 79.99.
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Diamond package specials can very player to player, and definitely vary across worlds and platforms (Web/mobile). I know at the beginning of V, that people would make flash reports about special diamond offers (like rogue hideouts) and others not getting it. In many, but I don't think all, cases. it was determined to be web vs mobile differences, but I do know that there appears to be some specials that just pop up based on some heuristic based on your past purchases and what has happened in the game.


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I would like to spend $80.00. Wish inno would offer me a special for that right now, so I could buy it. lol