Plundering Hall of Fame

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Thank you for reporting this. Vigilance by the players helps keep us aware of potential issues. This however is a known graphical glitch. The Developers are aware of it and will have it rectified in due time.
^^ This is for the crown symbol when you plunder.

Guild points accumulate through out the day. They are not added to the total until daily recalculation at 8 PM EST.

^^ this is so you know points are not automatically added when you collect them, but at reset only.
TL;DR = They know and will get to it. Guild points only update 1x per day.


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The plundered HoFs (or any crowns) should be added to your guild's total at the 8pm server time recalculation.

So you'd need to measure your prestige, how much you're getting off HoFs, how much you get from GE (if applicable that day), and measure any random crowns your guild might be producing out of bazaar/etc then subtract that from what you plundered.

If the amount is not there then contact support.
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