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Polivating Coin Increase Suggestion (Quiet Detailed)

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My suggestion is to increase the coins from Polivating according to our age. In order to make the raise fair, I suggest basing them according to our expenses. We can base on many things such as Residential Buildings, Supply Buildings, Goods Production prizes etc. After making some calculations (they are below, if you want a justification for the numbers, however it is a bit boring/confusing. Also, I know that there are some flows, but it looks quiet plausible) I would suggest the MP coin bonus should be as following:

BA 10
IA 20
EMA 40
HMA 100
LMA 200
CA 300
INDA 425
PE 700
ME 900

Number of M/P needed to buy residential building:

My suggestion is to increase the coins for Polivating increased accordingly so it makes sense. I would suggest to base on roof tile (most expensive residential building in Iron Age) and re-arrange respectively to the player’s current age’s most expensive residential building. Which means I propose the coins we get from Polivating to be as following:
BA 8
IA 20
EMA 50
HMA 140
LMA 290
CA 435
INDA 860
PE 1700
ME 2190

Or to make them more tidy/even numbers:
BA 10
IA 20
EMA 50
HMA 150
LMA 300
CA 450
INDA 850
PE 1700
ME 2200

MP needed to build most expensive goods building of the age
BA (Fruit Farm) 87.5
IA (Goat Farm) 240
EMA (Shoemaker) 605
HMA (Farm) 3200
LMA (Cooperage) 3050
CA (Tobacco) 4050
INDA (Ceramics) 5750
PE (Cattle Ranch) 10900
ME (Aircraft Factory) 18400

If we again base the current 20 coins according to Iron Age, then it should be as following:
BA 7
IA 20
EMA 50
HMA 267
LMA 254
CA 337
INDA 479
PE 908
ME 1533

As seen, there is a discrepancy in between some ages when we base on the most expensive goods building, however it still gives an idea. My suggestion, if based on supply buildings is to be as following:
BA 5
IA 20
EMA 50
HMA 125
LMA 250
CA 375
INDA 500
PE 1000
ME 1500

If we base on good production costs, to produce 1 good (based on 8 hour) we need following amount of MP:
BA 1
IA 2
LMA 16
CA 24
PE 40
ME 48 (including the production cost of CA good)

Again if we base the 20 coins in Iron Age, It should be as following:
BA 10
IA 20
EMA 40
HMA 80
LMA 160
CA 240
INDA 320
PE 400
ME 480

If we compare the all three suggestions it will be as following

BA 10 5 10
IA 20 20 20
EMA 50 50 40
HMA 150 125 80
LMA 300 250 160
CA 450 375 240
INDA 850 500 320
PE 1700 1000 400
ME 2200 1500 480

In an average upper era/age it takes about 3 months to go to next age. In average, if we update all our goods and supply buildings, we will build apx. 60 residential buildings, 6 supply buildings, and produce about 7200 goods. If we value them with that in mind (eg. In IndA, 60 residential building will cost ~1M, 6 Supply building will cost ~1M, 7200 good will cost ~4.5M)

BA {(10x2)+(5x2)+(10x9)}/13= 9.2
IA 20
EMA {(50x2)+(50x2)+(40x9)}/13= 43
HMA {(150x2)+(125x2)+(80x9)}/13=97.7
LMA {(300x2)+(250x2)+(160x9)}/13=195.4
CA {(450x2)+(375x2)+(240x9)}/13=293.1
INDA {(850x2)+(500x2)+(320x9)}/13=429.2
PE {(1700x2)+(1000x2)+(400x9)}/13=692.3
ME {(2200x2)+(1500x2)+(480x9)}/13=901.5

If we make them even numbers:
BA 10
IA 20
EMA 40
HMA 100
LMA 200
CA 300
INDA 425
PE 700
ME 900


The thing is, you're not supposed to earn anything from M/P, especially not to buy yourself buildings. The 20 coin is given because it helps when you start playing and it is an incentive for people to start doing it. Once you've done it, you realize that other players return the favor and it significantly helps your city's productivity so you start doing it for the M/P you receive back.

Not against this, but not in favor of it either, more like a neutral opinion.


Thanks for your input Phantom. That is of course a point of view, perhaps the initial idea of 20 coins is what you have said. However there is a significant decrease in people's polivating rates especially after completing the GBs. I think increasing the coin amount might give the "lazy" players a motive to polivate more often. In all three worlds I am playing, I changed my guild numerous times for the low mp rates (an lack of FP donation,, but this is not the point in here so I am passing it for now). I was, and still am part of the highest ranking guilds, with the most active players, but I still do not get half as much of mp as I give.
I think the best way to increase the mp, something should be changed to give the players a motive to mp more often.
I had a few other ideas, such as probability to get goods from polivating, chance to get medals, even if very low (like in wishing well) a few diamonds (I know this is in do not suggest list, that is why I did not offer it), making use of additional bps for the GBs we already have (as well in do not suggest list so I did not proposed it).
If it would not complicate it to much for the developers I even thought that we should get supplies from motivating supplies, coins from motivating residential buildings etc. Yet that would need a bigger amount of change so withheld this opinion.
I do believe that 20 coins were give to help the new players, but if we make a poll such as "are you happy with the MP you receive" we will probably find out that most of the people would say not happy. Hence I think a change would increase the polivating rates and bring more fun to the game.
Just to give an example, in a 75-80 person guild in the top ranking, when I mp'ed all players, the return was around 25-30, when I did not mp anyone for a week (to see what would happen), the mp I got was 15-20. So I think people does not give that much attention to the return of MP.
I remember seeing another proposal in the forum, to show the MP rate of the people, which would be another good idea. If lets say, there is an average daily MP rate of the person combined with increased reward, people will spend more time in game as well as polivation increase. People join to a guild which says daily MP required, and then not MP at all, or at very low rates. If there could be a way to see a person's daily MP rate, we would be able to guess whether he/she will be able to cope with the daily MP requisition. And with the increase of reward, we would make the players more interesting in polivating.
I believe it is good for dedicated player so that they will get the MP rates they deserve, it is also good for the developers as the players will spend more time in the game, and it will give a motive to "lazy" players to become more dedicated (by giving more coins/rewards), and it will show us the freeloaders who attend to a daily mp required guild and do not do polivation so they cannot stay in those guilds for a long time (may be not even able to be a part of it).
I am sure my offers would have some flows, maybe technical or substantial, however I believe it would definitely bring more fun into the game.


I support this idea :) 20 coins just kinda sucks but if they increased the amount per age wont it make it more likely that people will ignore the buildings you want M/ped for the ones that pay the most?


No lehava, the increase will not be related to the building you MP, it will increase depending your current age. So, lets say you are in high middle ages, you will get 100 coins instead of 20 coins regardless of the building you polished/motivated. This way, people will MP the lower age folks as much as they mp the upper era folks ;)


O ok I see what you mean now. Musta misread. Then yes thats a great idea. Like how they increased the amount you get from teh town hall daily bonus according to your age.


Exactly, everyone is so happy with the town hall increaseand I believe a similar increase in the MP will be beneficial to all in so many ways


The coins given for “polivating” and the Town Hall are designed as an aid for new players to help “kick start” their growth. Until a player progresses, they are limited to the type and number of coin producers from which they can choose. Unlike supplies, coin producers have a set amount that can be produced in a given time. The Town Hall gives a “significant” daily boost and “polivating” allows for a quick influx when they are online. After you have played for a while, you have a variety of choices. If you are “coin poor”, reevaluate your choice of coin production.


i don't see how you should get a reward for voluntarily helping someone. sure, it make you want to do it more, but.....


gimmcla, I still think the increase of coin will increase the MP rates.
awesomeness2013, it already gives coins, so I think the increased coin will also increase the MP rates as there are so many people who do not care of MPing others.
Any other thoughts?

king freeze

I believe that most people M/P to help out guild members and friends and they are planning on them returning the action to them to help increase items in their cities. The few people that might start m/p ing more due to more coins imho would be a very low percent. I know for myself I would not increase the amount of M/P I do for more coins. The other added bonus you get from doing the M/P is the blue prints that you have a chance of getting I just wish you would not get the same blue print 6 times for the same GB but it is random and that is not going to change,. I would like to think that people are doing the m/p to help each other out along with the chance of getting the Bp's


My issue, personally as a player, with the idea is that at this point you get players to do this because it benefits them. It's supposed to be about making a connection, having a relationship with those players because you help each other. Not because you help yourself by polishing the neighbor's shrubbery.

It's nice in the aspect that it provides motivation to do it more often, but it's bad in the fact that you need something to increase its output in order to see people do it more often when the point of it is to help someone else.


It would be an unfair advantage to guilds with more than 1 guild as they could just hop from guild 1, 2 ,3 and so on.


Is there a way to make a poll asking the user whether coin increase from MP would increase the amount of polivation they do daily? That would perhaps give us a good idea.


i vote no. first of all, many people motivate or polish for BPs. also, they motivate because somebody asked them to. some people do motivate or polish for coins, but thats why there is St. Marks, but also, if you need coins, then build houses that have a shorter collection time.


If there is any interest in this proposal, I am going to propose for voting, if not I will just let it go. Please voice your opinion ;)


That's a no for me, I m/p to help other with a slight chance to get BP that's enough as I have 10 million coin and it's easy to get coin once you have a St. Marks
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