Possibly for mobile only: Enable visiting people's kingdoms in Event History

Daisy the Benevolent

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I don't know if this is a feature on browser version that is not currently on mobile but I think it would be very useful to be able to visit someone's kingdom from their icon in Event History.

Current System (if applicable):
Currently can only "auto-Aid" someone or send them a message from the Event History.

As of now, one can only "auto-Aid" someone or send them a message from the Event History. I prefer to manually MoPo those people who have aided me but in order to do so, I have to note the person's name/ID, exit the Event History and Messages, search for them in either my neighborhood, guild or friends list and only then can I visit them and manually MoPo. This takes way too much time and effort. It would be great if, in addition to auto-Aiding or Messaging someone, we also had the option to visit the person's kingdom if we want to manually MoPo them vs auto-aiding (because I've seen (and read in the forums) that the auto Aid algorithm can be a bit wonky and I like to know that the Aid I'm providing someone is significant and I'm not just aiding their tree). In the Great Buildings contributions tab, this function exists. You can see whose GBs you are contributing to and can then visit their kingdom so I don't see any reason this function couldn't also be added to the Event History.

Abuse Prevention
No abuses that I can think of.

Visual Aids

This feature would save players time and aggravation and improve the aid action. Thanks!

Daisy the Benevolent

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Yes, you can do this in the browser version already. Certainly it would be nice to have in the app.
Good to know and yes, the app should definitely get this feature. It makes no sense as to why Inno did not include it since they clearly have themcapability, given the feature exists in the GB tab.