Private Notes on Friends/Neighbors/Guild members

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Allow a player to attach a short note to each profile of their current friends, neighbors, and guild members that only the player can see.

Current System (if applicable)
Currently, when hovering over a friend/neighbor/guild member you see their profile that they wrote about themselves. This can be useful, but not everyone puts something in their own profile, and others don't necessarily put in information that you personally might find useful

Notes could be used as reminders as to what the other player can produce, or what they need, or how often they play, or when, or if the prefer not to be messaged, etc. This note would pop up when the notes icon was hovered over and be editable when clicked. This would increase the social aspects of the game and allow better communication between players. For example, if I know a player has a boost in iron ore, and does not have a boost in gemstones, and I NEED iron ore and have jewelry, I could message them to see if they could offer a trade in the market so we can benefit each other.

Abuse Prevention
I don't see any abuse that could arise from this. Obviously, someone could privately label a player with unsavory terms, but since it would be private no one would know about it except the mods.

Visual Aids
Sorry- not a photo shopper

Hopefully, others would find this feature useful, and it seems fairly straightforward to implement.

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