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Unformatted Progress tracker for GE

Sir Lofenstien

New Member
Have a simple 64/64 progress tracker above the ship for GE. This would help remind you to do it, let you know how many are available, and also show when you have completed it. When on multiple worlds I often forget which ones I have finished GE. Having a progress tracker would save time and serve as a great reminder. First digit would be number of encounters completed, second digit would be number of encounters available. (changes as new levels are unlocked--16-32-48-64)
the color of it would indicate whether you have "attempts" available. You already have pretty much the same thing above the friends tavern, so this should not be that hard to accomplish.
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FOE Team
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Ideas need to be posted in a mandatory format. Yours isn't to start with.

When formatted, they can not be on the Do Not Suggest List.

Also they should not have been proposed before.

Read how you should propose an idea


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And use the forum search function to see if your idea is as new as you think it is


If you have checked if your idea meets all requirements you can propose it again.

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