Promethim not showing up for tech tree


I've made my First ship runs and collected promethium which shows in treasury but when opening tech tree it's still showing 0 avalible. Obviously I don't have amounts needed to unlock anything yet but I'm going to be more then a bit annoyed if I do collect the required amounts and still can't finish research

And yes I've refreshed/relogged, it's doing same thing on all of my worlds


I would contact support if you haven't already (right-click ingame and go to "Support")


It shows up on browser version but not on mobile. On mobile it shows up in inventory underneath medals.


I agree, it shows in PC version on TECH Tree and INVENTORY; but in Mobile / iPAD version it is not showing in the TECH Tree - which likely will be an issue if you want to unlock that Tech from the mobile game version.


It is now showing up in tree correctly, however upon finishing combined weapons research mobile version is having freeze crash on 3 out of 3 worlds I've unlocked it on