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  1. Scarecrow

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    In order to maintain a sense of clarity in all submitted ideas, it is recommended to use the following general format as a guide when posting new threads in the Proposals section. In including the following information in your proposal will ensure smooth exchange of ideas.

    NOTE: It is perfectly fine to discuss a proposal in Forge Hall prior to formal submission here.

    Do not create your proposal with a poll, unless instructed to do so by a staff member.

    Many examples of formatted proposals can be found here:

    Proposal Format

    Briefly outline what your proposal entails.

    Current System (if applicable)
    The system that currently exists in-game that is being replaced or improved by the feature you are proposing.

    Here you should give the details of your idea, explaining how it works, why you've suggested it and all other information you feel is necessary to convey the importance of the addition of your proposal.

    Abuse Prevention
    If there are any avenues for abuse that open with your proposal, state any safeguards present in your idea that closes them.

    Visual Aids
    Post any images you have created to demonstrate the implementation of your proposed feature. Please remember that any images posted must fit within the file size restrictions specified in the Forum Rules.

    Any final comments to try and gain your proposal the favour of the community.
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  2. Scarecrow

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    There are several factors that may lead to the locking of your thread.

    Proposal Guidelines

    • Idea must not appear on the Do not suggest list.
    • Idea needs to be about the game, not how the forum or support works.
    • Idea must fit in with the theme of the game.
    • Idea must not unbalance the game in favor of those who purchase diamonds.
    • Idea must be well thought out, not half baked, so that it's clear what changes your proposal will result with.
    • Idea must not be easily abusable or open an avenue for cheating.
    • Idea should not change the game to a completely different game, but rather improve what is already part of the game, or present proper addition to the same.
    • Idea must be related to the content presently within the game, you cannot propose changes for elements that are yet to be implemented. If you wish to give feedback/suggestions for features on the BETA version, do so there. Otherwise wait till the idea has been added to the US version prior to making suggestions.
    • Idea has not had a reply for 5 months, implying that there is lack of interest in it or it has become stale, in which case the person proposing it can start fresh, with an improved idea with the feedback they received.

    All closed ideas will be moved to a 'Closed' subforum within the Proposals section, so that they do not take away attention from active ideas with potential.


    The purpose of the proposal process is to provide an avenue for players to communicate to the developers. When we promote a proposal it means the developers see it. It doesn't mean anything more, and in particular the developers have no obligation to act on it regardless of how well supported it is in the voting.
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    The Submission Process

    Submission Process

    1. A proposal can be nominated for voting by the creator when they feel it is ready. This is done in the Proposal Nomination thread. In order for the proposal to be accepted for voting, it must have undergone some amount of discussion and received generally positive reviews from the community. The Proposals moderator can also send proposals straight through to the voting stage if they so desire (usually done in the event of an inactive OP).
    2. Once an idea has been nominated and accepted, it will be moved to the Polling Place with a poll attached to it. The community will then vote on whether or not they would like that proposal to be added to the game. The poll will last two weeks. Currently running polls will be stickied and marked with a [Voting] prefix.
    3. In order for the vote to be successful, a proposal must have received a majority of at least 70%. If not, it will be locked and marked as [Failed]. Failed proposals can only be re-suggested after two months have passed since their failure (it would be wise to make changes to the original idea when re-suggesting or it will likely fail again).
    4. Proposals that receive the required 70% majority will be marked as [Submitted] and passed on to the developers. Do note that just because an idea has been passed on does not mean it will definitely be added to the game. The final say is with the developers.
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  4. PhantomForger

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    Sep 27, 2012
    Just a note for the POLLING PLACE --- there's no need for discussions; in fact it'd be appreciated if they're kept out of the place. The proposal, in whatever shape, has been presented for all community members to vote whether or not they like it. It can't get improved and it shouldn't get support because someone explained or added a few more reasons for it in the comments. The comments are not sent to the devs, only the idea post is.

    Thank you for your continued contributions and enjoy the game!
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  5. Dursland

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    May 17, 2016
    For moderators to copy and paste:

    This proposal has not been properly formatted as per the guidelines (link here). Thread has been moved to Forge Hall. Once you have fixed your post please request for the thread to be moved back to Proposals forum. We hope you enjoy Forge of Empires!

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