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PvP Arena deactivation


FOE Team
Beta Community Manager

Dear players,

First things first, thank you for your input and feedback around our latest multiplayer feature release, the PvP Arena. Your feedback is incredibly valuable and thanks to you, we are able to constantly make significant improvements to every feature and event – we sincerely wouldn’t be able to do it without you, we owe you an immense debt of gratitude.

Our Forge of Empires team constantly evaluates all in-game features to identify which ones should be improved with more modern and enjoyable alternatives to improve your overall experience, always under careful consideration of your feedback. Since July 9th, we have received impressive 2400 comments of feedback (EN and Beta forums) regarding the new PvP Arena feature. Most of those comments were requests to improve this feature and, therefore, as part of our culture to make Forge of Empires better, we have decided to deactivate the PvP Arena on Beta and EN. Please, keep in mind that this is not a definitive deactivation, which means that this is not the end of the development of the PvP Arena.

ServerAnnounced onRemoval starts
July 9th​
September 7th (09:00 AM - CEST)​
International (EN)​
August 27th​
September 7th (09:00 AM - CEST)​

Also, we received many questions about the reasons why we took the PvP Arena to the international worlds, even after the negative feedback we received during the testing phase. Unfortunately, it was not possible to make some changes to the ongoing PvP Arena on Beta, as this would cause major balance impacts to players - such as the initial score (combat points) of each player, based on their current era. Alongside it, we have also implemented other changes to this feature, such as the possibility to buy attempts with medals. These were not the only changes, but we were still not able to meet your expectations and, therefore, we apologize for that.

With the removal of the PvP Arena, we will reactivate the PvP Tower Tournaments again on September 7th on Beta and EN.​

Thanks for your patience as we work things out.

Kind regards,
Your Forge of Empires Team.