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Show which productions have been completed on "Finish each production option once" quest steps

Current System (if applicable)
It currently shows 1/6, 2/6 etc..

It would be very helpful to know which production options have been finished so that in case you missed the 4 or 8 hour options you know which one.

Abuse Prevention
I do not see any avenues for abuse that open with this proposal.

Visual Aids
□5 Mins □15 Mins □ 1 Hour ■ 4 Hours □ 8 Hours□ □ 24 Hours

This example shows only the 4 hour production complete

I think this would save a lot of time and frustration completing these steps.

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I use the coin and supply collection quests and would like to see a thin progress line for each. like green for the supply and red for the coin. These could also apply to the goods quests and others. This would be a great help when collecting on special buildings to keep from over collecting too much, especially coins.
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