Quest Proposal

When you hover your mouse over a quest, a small window pops up.

Current System
you currently need to click your quests to see what they are (for me they do)

when you hover your pointer over a quest, it brings up a small window that shows you your quest and how much you have completed so far (like when you hover your pointer over a gb and it brings up the little window or someones description)
Abuse Prevention
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Visual Aids
I don't have any. Sorry

I think for those who do the quests (hey you can get diamonds), it would make the quests more user friendly. I don;t liek the way they have them set up anyway. The way they had it last time was better, but thats a whole nother thread in itself......


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I get the idea, but I can't quite bring myself to support the idea of more popups...
i understand your annoyance, my GBS and sometimes peoples descriptions get in my way. I think this should be implemented, and in setting, have a tab where you can manually have pop ups disabled (a page where you can disable gb pop ups, a separated one for supply& coin, one for peoples city descriptions, and one for the quests (if implemented), and one for troop building. although half of it is a diff proposal, i think it would be good to have both implemented at the same time (so no groaning and moaning happens)