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Please answer the following question. Please make sure to include your world in which you want the prize. Contest ends January 31 2019, 11:59 pm EST. One Entree per day per player.

If you could play in any age what would it be? This is if all things are even.

Prize will be awarded to 4 random players, If we have over 250 entries we will add another 3, giving a total of 7 prizes!!! Winners will receive 50 goods of your current age (when the prize is awarded).

Stephen Longshanks

Contemporary Era hands down. (I would have said "no contest", but I didn't want to confuse anybody.:p)


CE, gotta love those Anti-Aircraft Vehicles!



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OF with a mix of AF and OF Units.
Been sitting on the Fence of VF for a few months now, not quite ready to jump over to VF just yet. :D



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I spent a lot of time in CA but I'll go with InD. Their troops work much better vs the next age up than CA did vs. InD.



Progressive is where I’m at now and so far I’m enjoying it the most.
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