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Raging Ravens is Recruiting - Fair Trade Guild / Expeditions


New Member
Looking to add active players to our new guild, "Raging Ravens".

If you are currently in a guild that has 80 players, but it seems like only 20 of them are ever doing anything, maybe it's time for a change? :)

We plan to participate in the new guild expeditions, and unlock the harder difficulties whenever possible.

Posted trades should be of equal or greater value. 1 for 1 for current age (10 copper for 10 gold), 2 for 1 for higher age (20 salt for 10 brass), or 1 for 2 for previous age (10 iron for 20 dye).

There are Great Building donation threads for 5 and 10 point donations. If you give points to another guild member's building, then someone will give points to yours. This lets everyone get rewards for helping another building, while not letting your building fall behind.

We aid each other daily.

The guild is open to join, with no invitation required. Feel free to stop by! :)