[RANKS] .-:True of Need:-. Guild Information[GROWING]


[RANKS] .-:True Legion:-. Guild Information[GROWING]

Welcome to .-:True Legion:-.'s Guild Information Page

Basic Information:
  • We are growing.
  • We are active.
  • We are improving daily.
  • We help each other.

  • The ranks in our Guild are really important, and we provide a rank system in which more experienced players can help "younger" players to grow and expand. All the ranks and information are in the Guild Forums, well explained and detailed.

How To Get Accepted:
I am looking for:
  • Active players.
  • Players that improve daily.
  • Well mannered players.
  • Players that will trade mainly with other Guild members.
  • Players that get along and learn to enjoy the rank system.
If you want to be considered as an applicant to the Guild, PM me in game.
Thank you, NeiPalm.
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