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Rant! My Platinum League Guild says it doesn't have enough goods to open Level 2 GE


Active Member
I've been searching for a good Guild. Friends on this forum (Lady Redneck and others) urged me to get an ARC--which I did (Now Level 5) and join a guild which would help me level it up faster.
So today I'm finished with Level 1 and asked the Guild to open Level 2. No response for some hours and then they admitted that they don't have the goods to open it!
So I asked what goods and how many they needed. And was told to "STFU."
Well, I'll miss out completely on the week's GE if I bail so I have crossed my fingers and hope that they will "find" the goods.
Thanks for listening to my rant.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
wow.that is bad news. Have you looked at your Guild treasury?I would check it myself. They may be having some probem outside of actual Goods.Today is crazy all around for Foe.tons of problems.

Pericles the Lion

Well-Known Member
I'm having deja' vu. Is this the same guild that you were having problems with last week or a new one? Either way, when searching for a guild you might want to avoid ones with names like "Temporary". 51 members, 31 are inactive. Few Arcs, highest level is 14. Top player has only 21M points and no Arc. Lots of signs that you'll get little help there. Check out the message board....what are the other members saying about GE and GBG. Are they saying anything? If I were you I'd cut my losses and spend this week joining open enrollment guilds until I found one where the message boards show a good amount of activity, particularly GE, GBG, 1.9s, and swaps. If the board is dead then so is the guild.

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
You can easily search through Guilds and look at members GBs you're interested in. Most players in a decent Guild have an 80 arc already. the Guild you joined if as sdescribe by Pericles sucks just from the things he mentioned about them.

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
An open enrollment guild ranked between 50 and 100 would be a good starting point for finding an active guild that can help you, but not have onerous membership requirements.