Raven' s Crest is looking for YOU!

Greetings and welcome to Raven's Crest!
We are designed to motivate and grow our Guild and Guild mates. We will help those who are looking to progress in all areas of FOE.

We have few requirements, but they are important to the success of our Guild:

1. All Guild members are required to M/P other members regularly.
2. All Guild members are to help with the leveling of new GB's. A donation of 1 FP to new GB's is mandatory.
3. This guild practices fair trade. If you have a special circumstance notify the Guild First!!
4. Participation in GE is a requirement for all new members.
While participating in GVG is voluntary, we want to accelerate the guild's standing by being competitve in GE.

All Questions and suggestions are welcome.

Try to log on with a PC on occasion to check the forum for additional information, tips and tools such as trade calculators, etc.

Enjoy :)

Established May 2016