*read this its imporant* *then reply*


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idea: let me message all worlds in usa server at once .
why? because i want power.
Only i can do this.:)
and cause its not a proposal, just a idea, no dnsl posts pls:)
i wanna announce to all people on all usa worlds this:I will be having 100s, if not 1000s of trades being put up and (hopefully) accepted within the rest of the year.
join in on the fun!.out with your old goods, bring home some new ones.message me in jaims if you have surplus of ANYTHING.
This is a ALL AGES grad here.i will try to take ANYTHING and EVERYTHING with fair trades..
Seriously, if there is ANYTHING you have extra of and need somthing else for in jaims in a fair trade, message me.
dont need anything?dont worry we still accept your surplus in trades such as these:
you have 40 indy goods and need 20 pe?we got you covered.
Trades offering the age below of what you get fairly ARE PERRFERRED.
i have Fr's to send if needbe.
send a comment here, and a message in J world. i go by the same name there as i do here.
have fun !!!!!!!!!!!! :)
soo yeah FIX THE game in my favor inno :D


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Actually.... what if I told you this were already implemented? That you’ve even seen this feature used before? ;D


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I am going to try and work for FOE one day, that is my dream job. It won't make much money, but at least I get to work on a fun game.