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Recruiting fighters in GE and Battle Grounds

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If you love to fight/negotiate in GE and on Battle Grounds come fly with Raging Spitfire. We make sure we are set in GE, but play in Battle Grounds daily too! Seend a request if interested or if you need more information to Von Stott Haus or RebelSky.


Our Guild Rules!

We are looking for active members that WANT to fight and/or negotiate Guild Expedition and GBG as far as you can. GE is priority. GBG is optional depending on GE position.

Please communicate if you are not going to be able to play so we can discuss what to do. DO NOT join if you are not serious or cannot message by posting in Tavern Chat please.

Please request an invite if this is you! You MUST be a Guild member to participate in GE by Monday evening each week.

1) You MUST have an Arc/Obs.
2) You MUST Aid/Tavern at least every 2 days.
3) You MUST Be a team player.
4) GE MUST clear at least lvl 2
5) GBG has good rewards and the first battles are easy. Try to play up to 10 a day. Fight or Negotiate.

Founder: Von Stott Haus.

Come fly with us! Established March 4, 2020

Spawned from Supermarine's race planes of the 1920s and 1930s, the Spitfire's designer Reginald Mitchell always scoffed at the fighter's nickname but he was overjoyed with its amazing performance.

At the time of its first flight in 1936, the Spitfire was one of the world's fastest military airplanes. Just four years later, dashing and distinctive elliptical-winged Spits tangled with marauding German fighters and bombers during the Battle of Britain.

Never a long-range machine, the Spitfire was nonetheless ideal for scrambling into the air at a moment's notice to defend the British Isles from attack. Spits were even used to intercept and destroy speedy V-1 "Buzz Bombs" launched from mainland Europe. The trusty fighter had a long life with the Royal Air Force -- in service at the beginning of World War II and still patrolling the skies on V-E (Victory in Europe) day and beyond.

The Museum's Spitfire was built at Castle Bromwich in early 1944. Assigned to a fighting squadron by May, this Spitfire was flown in support of the D-Day Invasion on June 6, 1944. After World War II, this plane served with the Royal Netherlands and Belgian Air Forces.

In 1961, the Spit was used in the filming the movie The Longest Day and was later owned by TV actor Cliff Robertson.
If anyone is still looking for a guild in Greifental, check out Pirates & Scallywags. We are pretty easygoing. We are very active in GE and GBG. We have plenty of swap threads including 1.85. We have arc groups to help everyone get an Arc. We are small but mighty and looking for some active players! you can also leave me, Hazel, a message here!