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Lady Lord Jessica

New Member
Hi I'm Lady Lord Jessica and I am one of the leaders In the wonderful world of Dunarsund for my guild which is named "Rock $ Roll Suicide". We are looking for serious members who want to grow with a helpful, active, and innovative guild!
You can be from any age including Bronze age. If you are in a lower age our leaders and experienced members will help you with advice, ways to get goods and anything you need to get going! When you unlock Guild Expedition, we do require you do at least 2 levels of encounters! When you unlock Guild Battlegrounds it would be much appreciated if you participated by doing at least 15-20 fights and or negotiations. (Not immediately we understand you need to build troops and have goods in order to participate) We do anticipate that you get an ARC as soon as you can because that helps you win Forge Points, Medals, and Blueprints, while helping the guild with goods towards the treasury! If you need help getting the goods to build your ARC we will help you. Our members are regularly active and will help you in any area that you seek help in. Hopefully we'll gain some dedicated players who want to have fun while building your city into a powerful one. Feel free to find me any time if you have questions or want to be invited. Again my name is Lady Lord Jessica and the Guild is Named "Rock & Roll Suicide". :)Lady Lord Jessica (849967315))