Redemption is now recruiting

Redemption is a newly formed guild by experienced players. Do you want to play GE? Then come redeem yourself with us!

You may pm Leviticus Hasty or me with any questions
Its Lady O again. Back in January, when we newly formed the guild, we did not know how long it will take to get it going. I am happy to tell everyone that we had made great progress since then. It is time for us to open the doors and let new members in. We do not ask for a lot.
1. Be active
2. Participate in GE weekly
3. Have or actively work on getting an OB.

We are ready to widen our horizon and take on more members. We help anyway we can, new and experienced players are both welcome. You no longer need to apply, just come in and check us out. If you are new we are here to help and get you on your way to success. If you are an experienced player and want to take on a mentor role, that's fine with us. Lets work together to make the Redemption guild a success!