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[Graphics] Reiachi's Little Monster Corner

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I create these little monsters in my free time. Most of them have grey backgrounds, since I use them on Discord and make them in the Paint Program. ^.^ Adopt any of them you like (Save them) for your own enjoyment.
Bunkaiya Little Monsters.
Bunkaiya 1.pngBunkaiya 2.png Bunkaiya 3.png
Kedeling Little Monsters
Kedeling 1.png Kedeling 2.png Kedeling 3.png Kedeling 4.pngKedeling New Shade 1.png
Kedeling Little Monsters With Antennae
Kedeling Antennae 1.png Kedeling Antennae 2.png
I'll post some of my Katerings a little later, if you like the little monsters I've posted now, ^.^ Please adopt them.​