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Relaxed Guild is looking for future age players and Arc holders

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I'm the leader of a wonderful guild called Relaxed, because we have few rules. Two rules to be precise: no drama and don't go inactive for more than a week.
  • Level 30 and growing quickly - we have almost 50 HoFs and keep them motivated
  • GE level 4 every week
  • We've taken first place in GE six weeks in a row
  • Very active guild threads, providing tips, answering questions, very friendly atmosphere
  • Many active swap threads - 3, 5, 8, 10, 15, 20, 30 FP threads
  • Special swap threads for Observatory and Arc
  • sticks to bricks thread is generous
  • trades generally accepted within a day or two
The only thing missing is we don't have many Arcs or future age players. I've started a thread to get Arc BPs to those who want them, but we have nobody that sells Future age goods to get them built. If you have future age goods, you will be able to trade them for FPs. If you have an Arc, we will level it for you because a lot of members are looking for the BPs.

Send me a message here or in-game, or send an application. Have a great day. Relax.