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Remove inactive friends and deadbeats day

Discussion in 'Korch Drama' started by John xavier, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. John xavier

    John xavier New Member

    Jul 22, 2018
    Here is the way that I use to purge inactive friends and deadbeats.

    1. On the day that you decide you’re going to purge your friends list, do not Aid any of the people on your friends list.

    2. Open the event log from your Townhall.

    3. Use the filters (drop downs) to select Friend Events and Social Interactions. What you will get is a list of all the events where your friend who Aided your city in the past several days. Usually about a week.

    4. Press the Aid button for all items on the list until all the Aid buttons are grayed out.

    5. Go to your friends list. All the friends on the list with a yellow star are those that have not Aided your city for about a week. They are either inactive or dead beats. Dead beats are those friends that are still active, but do not Aid your city. It is likely they also do not visit your tavern. They are happy to just collect the silver generated by friends visiting their tavern, but feel no obligation to return the favor.

    6. Defriend everyone with a yellow star (not greyed out)
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