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Do Not Suggest "RETRO KIT"

Sir Lofenstien

New Member
Retro kits would operate similar to one-up or reno kits. They would allow any NON great building to be returned to any age lower than the players current one. All rewards would be reverted to the selected age stats. Reason for the this is to get lower age goods. Being able to select what age goods your Statue of Honors produces for the treasury would be an amazing ability.


Well-Known Member
Often proposed.

A little planning ahead allows most individual players to take care of the need for previous Era Goods by either stockpiling or leaving some Goods producing SBs in the previous Era.

The only weakness strong Guilds have is the possibility of shortages of specific Era Treasury Goods. This idea negates that weakness.

I don't see eliminating that weakness as good for the game, just the top Guilds.


Well-Known Member
On the Facebook Q&A live sessions players have brought this up to the devs and the answer so far that has been given during those live Q&A’s have always been that they have no intention of introducing a age down feature. You’re meant to age up and part of the challenge is consequence of action and working with limited resources. At this point in time the devs have stated in the Facebook Q&A’s that a age down item would make the game too easy and would remove part of the challenge