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Forwarded Retry Button after an Unsuccessful Negotiation

Do you support the idea?

  • Yes

    Votes: 48 75.0%
  • No

    Votes: 16 25.0%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
But there are many people who do negotiate elsewhere, have no interest in GBG, who could benefit from some minor quality of life changes.
That's a given with most proposals. I'm not concerned with the quality of life of other players. That's their concern to voice and they are welcome to post their own opinions in support of this or any other proposal they feel will benefit them to that end. I'm also not necessarily saying that the minimal disruption this would have to game balance is a hill to die on. I am, however, mentioning it because it seems to be the same kind of balance disruption as the military unit changes that were proposed before... and they were shot down due to that balancing disruption, so I don't know why this shouldn't equally be of concern. I wasn't in favor of those changes then because I did think they would negatively impact the game in favor of fighters. I'm being consistent in this case by at least saying it's a thing and it might be worth consideration.


Good idea. What makes the game interesting is the strategy, and player interaction. Unnecessary clicks do not add to the quality of the game. This idea should not be viewed as being in the same category as the infamous "Aid all" or "Auto-negotiate" button ideas as such ideas detract from the quality of the game.


-1 from me.
I've read a proposal but I can't say that I feel any significant inconvinience from using currently implemented "give up".
actually pretty sure I negotiate faster due to negotiation being worth 2 advances and I’m swapping out injured troops inbetween battles
You can get away with little to no swapping at lower attrition with a decent attacking boost though you will lose significantly more units this way. At higher attrition negotiating is the clear winner for speed.