Minda Ravenwing

New Member
The Postmen2 guild in Jaims is looking for Riders of all ages and experience .

Join our exciting newly restructured and rejuvenated, yet well established level 10 guild. We have experienced leadership, with a wide range of skills and knowledge from all the ages. Here you can get as much, or as little, help and encouragement as you would like. There are multiple guild threads and programs for you to use for trading, Great Buildings, knowledge and game discussion. Here at The Postmen2, beginners and experienced players alike can have the full benefit of our guild programs, knowledge, and guild community. We don't tell our members how to play their game, there are only 5 simple rules:

Be nice to your fellow Guildmates and Allies
Follow our trade guidelines,
Stay on topic in our program threads,
Real life comes first! Simply tell us if you will be away from the game, so we can save your place,
and most importantly HAVE FUN!!

Come ride with us in The Postmen2!

Join us here in Jaims and in many other worlds as part of the Metaphysic StarGate/Postmen Family.