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Do Not Suggest Rotate ?


New Member
I know it says not to suggest this idea, but I think your reason for not suggesting it is not a good one by saying its part of the game of making a building work, and fit into the grid that you have, but the building can not always face in the right direction no matter what you do, but you could eliminate the problem if you could turn the building to face the right way an fit in the only space you have. For example the hedge maze and the space food farm, both 4x4 buildings, I had to move a few times so the building could face in the right direction, and had to be moved from it's desired spot, but if I could rotate it, then it never had to be moved. I 've been playing FOE almost from the beginning, and so many times I had to sell or just not use a building cause it would not fit or face the right way, In my opinion a rotate on the build menu would eliminate this problem.