Rules of Etiquette


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No, bad idea. One of the things I most love about this game is that they don't police in game activities beyond banning outright abuse or cheating. We're all free make deals, break deals, screw people over, or help them out. We're playing a game full of real people who can behave in strange and unpredictable ways. Guild hopping is just another aspect of this. It may be annoying, but no more than getting plundered or sniped. Maybe it should be considered rude, like leveling someone's GB, but it definitly shouldn't be against the rules. Dealing with people working against you is just part of the game. The last thing I'd want is the admins telling me how to play (I mean, besides preventing obvious cheating and the like).


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It's happened to me a few times. Oddly enough once while I was doing my Guild to Guild Peddling last year.

The guy had started a GE oriented Guild the week before handed over the Guild to another Guildie and spent a lot of time recruiting.

Intrigued me so I wound up joining the Guild for a week.

Turned out to be a really successful technique for recruiting. In two weeks they had about 30 Guildies. I just looked, they are now 77-4-0 in GEC.

It goes back to what i said earlier about Guilds and shoes.
I would say it is all in the execution. Do it right and very effective. But very easy to do poorly and get a bad reputation.