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Sakura Unsheathed (Recruiting) New Guild For New or Old Players


Join Sakura Unsheathed, A new and outstanding guild and few in number.​
I am the leader Guysuper and I hope we can be allies in our upcoming greatness!
We only have a few rules
  1. Stay active
  2. Get points
  3. Participate in expeditions
And That's all
The more you participate the more rights you will receive
There are no requirements to get in!!!
Join Now!!!

-Guild Leader Guysuper​


Guysuper, I am in a guild, Fortitude, that has/is shrinking nearly every week, for a variety of reasons I suppose. The remaining players that are active do not want to do battle (no GvG) but are willing to do GE (negotiate). I'm wondering if you might consider taking our remaining group into Sadura Unsheathed? If so I can take it to our guild for consideration. Also, what is your policy regarding "fair trades"? Do you follow the simple 2:1 and 1:2 ratios, or do you follow one of the common fair trade tables that take other issues into account for trade ratios? Thanks, Trubl2