**Sanctuary** Actively Recruiting!

Send me a message in Y to inquire! We require a minimum of 16 GE encounters.
Looking for GE Pioneers Iron Age && Above: Come check out **Sanctuary** !
We will help level your GBs. Help achieve Bps for buildings. Help with Goods.
Trades. Accomplish endeavors and complete our goals! We will grow together.
All we ask is for Loyalty && Dedication. 16 GE Encounters minimum.
Nearly Lvl18 Growing Guild, 23+ Members, Progressing nicely:
Looking for Members of all kinds, leaders a like!
Modern Age && Above Must Have Obs or ARC.
We will also help with completion of these goals.
Come be apart of a Great Team of Friends!
Hope to hear from You!

Retro, in Uceria, Yorkton, a couple places abroad.
- Retrospect
Good evening my friends! Hope you all are doing well tonight! Currently almost 6:00 p.m here on the East Coast, The Weather has been Beautiful - && I hope you all are doing well! I just wanted to give a little update that Our Guild **Sanctuary** in Y is still actively recruiting GE Fighters/Negotiators from Iron Age && Up! We are a great group of Friends, Leaders, && Members a like with plenty of room for Growth! Rapidly Progressing, nearly Level18 Guild Full of Camaraderie of Guildies accomplishing goals together! We do have some ARCs (couple few high level ARCs) to assist with GBs and gaining prints; again we will help you to accomplish different endeavors. Gain BPs for GBs of your choice; and the Goods necessary to build them! Modern Age && Above MUST have an Obs. / ARC or supplement with Treasury donations weekly until we can get one going! Otherwise - Our Requirements are Light! We are focused on GE with a minimum of 16 Encounters Required Weekly (16 encounters) - The more the better! Come be a part of an ever growing team!

We Truly look forward to hearing from You!
Autojoin is turned on for the week in hopes
that we may pick up a diamond or two! :)

Leadership abilities is a plus, as well as high level ARCs:
We have a couple few members with high levels ARCs,
so adding more would be a great benefit.

I hope to see You soon! && Hope you all have had a Great Weekend!
Also - Look me up in Uceria my friends! :)
- Retro in U, Y, L, && A! :)
**Sanctuary** Nearly Level 18 && Growing Rapidly: We're still Actively Recruiting!
We just took home the Gold, #1 in the GE again this week, setting the bar on Fire! :)
Absolutely Love It My Friends - We have a wonderful team of players && friends.
Our Requirements are Minimal and because of that duly enforced: 16 encounters minimum in GE.
Other than that, We'll help level your GBs, achieve BPs for the ones you want, the Goods to build them.
We're concentrated on Your Growth as well as the Guilds/Team! :) We are an Elite Class of Our Own.
We also have a couple wonderful ARC Groups with high level ARC Owners to help speed level some things:)

Modern Age && Above Must Have An Observatory and/or ARC or Supplement to the Treasury weekly until achieved.
16 Encounters Weekly in the Guild Expedition as a must - If you're going to be absent, please contact Council/Leadership.
Auto join is turned on my friends. Come be apart of a Great Team and Grow Together!!! :)
Hope to see you there! Also looking for a 2 or 3 more high level ARC owners :)
Members of all kinds are Welcome:
**Sanctuary** Join Today!!

- Retro, Founder
Yorkton, Uceria, L && A.