Santa's List

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As the holidays rush upon all of us we would like you to add your list to Santa here. This does not have to be FOE related. Please keep in mind this is a family friendly game and lists should be appropriate for all ages.

We do NOT need you to list a world on this contest.

5 winners will be chosen at random. If we have more then 100 entries 2 more prizes will be added. We will only allow 1 entry per player, you can click back in on your comment to continue to change your list if you would like. Contest will end 12.31.18 at 11:59 EST PM.


What would you like Santa to bring you?
A triple family size hot fudge sundae from Ghiradelli's. Life wuld be so good!


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good health - continue to be cancer free
a car - so I don't have worry about falling again, hitting my head on sidewalk (dang its been a month and forehead bump still there & hurts) and getting another concussion.
new apt on ground floor or at least with elevator - so I don't have to carry sacks of groceries while struggling with stairs.
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