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Sauron's Legions is Looking for Members


Hello everyone! Sauron's Legions is a newly created guild looking for members of all ages to join its ranks. I created this guild to try to foster a community of close-knit players who are trying to play the game their own ways to come together and share their collective knowledge. I want this guild to have a casual feel to it, meaning that you are free to be active in it in whatever way you see fit, so long as you are actually active. I am new to managing a guild, and so I am open to ideas from new members who have had experience running them before. This guild does require you to apply before you can officially join, and I as of now I will be the one letting applicants in. If you have questions about the guild before joining, you can message me directly and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability as soon as possible. I look forward to building a community with you all that encourages teamwork and fellowship.


'Cause nothing says community, teamwork, and fellowship like Sauron?