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SavageSloth Invasion is looking for you

If you are a fighter.... Love GBG, GE and GVG. Look no further. We are looking for active fighters. Active Guildmembers interested in working together to grow the guild and your cities. We have a strong team environment and work together to get things done. Active 1.9 with many 80+ Arcs. Come Join us in Carthage today!

~~~ SavageSloth Invasion ~~~
Three toed killers
Way above average
We are sloths and we are savage
We came to fight
We play all night
We'll invade you through to the morning light

We are looking for established players who understand that being part of a guild is being part of a team. If you enjoy Guild Expedition and GBG, we might be a good home. On the other hand, if you see them as a chore and do only the minimum requirements each week, please look elsewhere.

Current Requirement:

• Have fun and help your Guildmates by Motivating/Polishing a minimum of 3 or 4 times a week
• Treat others with respect
• Be an Active participant in GE and GBG each session – No Zeros. Our goal is to be fiercely competitive in both Guild Expedition and battlegrounds. As such we expect every member to push themselves to contribute as much as possible without slowing down your own growth. If you don't enjoy these activities, then we are not a good fit for you. GE – Min 8 encounters for IA and EMA / 16 encounters for HMA and above
• Work on getting at least one of the following ARC, OBS, or ATOM as this will aid the Guild Treasury and allow for GE 4 to be unlocked and SCs to be placed in GbG.
• Let’s build together. Healthy discussion is good but leave the Drama at home and out of the game.
• Finally, if you plan on being away from the game and will be unable to meet the requirements, please let a member of leadership know otherwise it may be cause for removal from the guild.

What does Savage Sloths offer:

• GBG and GE - Let’s get the rewards
• GE Rewards program for those who finish level 3
• Stix to Brix, 1.9 Thread and swap threads for raising GBs
• Power Leveling Sessions
• Our guild will practice Fair Trades and circle trades
• We are on Discord and encourage every guild member to join.

Membership by application only. To join, please apply and message a member of our leadership team for quickest response.

Domitia 1899 the Ravager
Emperor Adso

80 Arc Club

Happy Forging!