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Saw my coins drop down for no reason, anyone else?


When looking at stuff in research i saw my coins drop from 50K to 39K, i didn't even spend a forge point, let alone finish something that costs coins.

Before that i was wondering how it could be that i had 80K and suddenly got 41K but thought oh well maybe i didn't pay attention somewhere but it was very odd.

Saw the 41K go to 50K while finishing a quest that gained me 9K coins, i actually saw the 50K balance, click on research, hovering over future army stuff to see what they will cost to finish, needed about 100 FP to even get close to finishing those. Did not spend the 2 FP i had, and noticed my balance being 39K. Wich was ODD so i move back to my city hoping to see the 50K again, but no, still 39K. I logged out and back in, still 39K.

Now im sure something happened dropping me from 80K to 41K aswell, this time i saw it happen.

Created a support ticket. Anyone else having coins doing a dissapearing act? If so speak up so support can look into it a bit harder. If not, start paying a bit attention. I blindly trusted the coins up till now and didn't notice it just thought it was odd at first. Untill i saw it happen.