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See Future levels of GB's

would like to have this feature

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Would like to see scrollable future leveling results for Great Buildings.


It would be helpful when planning which GB to use and level if we could see what each one gives us as you level it up.


page tab arrows already in game moving back and forward only you can't go past current level.

Visual Aids:

use page tab arrows already in game moving forward just like it is to see back levels already completed

Balance: n/a

Abuse Prevention: n/a


ability to see future levels of GBs using existing buttons for planning usage of GBs.


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It would require a lot more server resources to add all this info into the game as viewable as well most likely, and when it is available via wiki or 3rd party I don't believe this is necessary for the time it would cause the devs, or the lag it would create.
hmm it has up to lvl 80 on the main page but not past that, but yes that works fairly well. Thanks, i missed that till i worked my way down the pages to find it.
as for lag, not sure it would actually cause any extra all the data is already in use by the game, you see it every time you look at you curent level or back at completed ones.
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