Semper Fidelis 2 is Now Open for New Members!!


We are still accepting new members at Semper Fidelis II! Both new and experienced players are welcome!

We value each member and you will never be just a number in an overcrowded Guild...
At Semper Fidelis II your voice can be heard and your ideas matter!!

We have developed a unique way of doing things and we are looking for the right members to share our system with.
And because we are just getting started here in the world of Houndsmoor, there are Leadership Positions open for those with a desire to Lead.

Ask yourself these questions:
Are you willing to put forth the effort to help your fellow Guildmate's?
Do you believe that in order for a Guild to succeed there must be structure and policies in place to ensure that success for everyone?
Are you willing to be an active and supportive member?
Do you believe that a players success goes hand in hand with their Guild's success?

If you answered YES
then here's a sample of what you will enjoy as a member:
Fair trades
for Guildmates with Guild ONLY offers, AND the option to trade for profit with your neighborhood!
FULL Support with Great Buildings, from tips and advice on searching for BPs to quick leveling from Sticks to Bricks and continued support from there!
I'm also putting together a system to help members get each GB in a more efficient way.

Contact Princess Anne

Semper Fidelis II is seeking loyal, honest and dedicated new members today but we are only open for a short time, so don't let this chance pass you by....

Semper Fi,
Princess Anne
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We are still open for new Members! Beginners and Advanced Players are welcome at Semper Fidelis II, if you're an active player you are invited to come see what we have to offer! Please message me directly from your city in Houndsmoor so that we can get you started today!