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opened up my 4th city in another part of the foe universe. Why i picked rugnir is beyond my far there isnt anyone i know from here. Oswyn feels lonely. But why i created this city is because i wanted restart from the ground up. When i first setup city in O world, i jumped in too quickly. I didnt get most goods unlocked, thus i couldnt add the bldgs to produce the needed goods like marble, lumber etc. And because of that, i had trouble trading and seeking out those goods. As of today i got guilds unlocked. For now ill look around to join one. I need to get into one that doesnt stress on forcing you to do something you dont want GvG or PvP stuff. But whichever guild i join, expect heavy trading almost daily. The sheer magnitude would be almost unbearable for some.

Update: found RBP added as friend, yay!
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