Shadow Hunters are recruiting

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    Oct 27, 2017
    Are you looking for a new home? Well we are a low stress, friendly guild looking to swell our ranks with active members that can contribute to our continuing success.

    We require:
    -Minimum Early Middle Age
    -Minimum 30k personal rating
    -At least Level 1 of GE must be completed each week
    -At least 3 rounds of aiding on all guild members each week
    -Weekly treasury donations unless you have an OBS
    -Active effort to obtain on OBS if you do not have one
    -Contribution to all STIX postings within the guild, and the OBS of the week

    Now, what we offer:
    -We unlock GE level 4 every week.
    -An OBS program to help those without get the prints they need.
    -Numerous fp swap programs to help you grow your GBs quickly.
    -An extremely active fair trade market for the goods you need from all era's. Save those fps and trade with your guildmates!
    -A very active player base, always willing to chat and have a good time!
    -A wealth of experienced players that are willing to answer questions or talk out game strategy when you need it.
    -Several high level players always wiling to trade fps for goods and family rates.
    -As a level 50 guild you will receive 6 fps daily from your town hall, a 26% reduction in the time required to recruit or heal your troops, and a 12% reduction in the cost to construct new buildings.

    If you're interested in learning more or checking us out please send in an app, or a message to our recruitment coordinator Jimbo Jabammy. We look forward to hearing from you!
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