Forwarded Share Fight Replays via Messages

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Proposal Format

Add the ability to link a fight viewable as a replay in a message so it can be shared.

Current System (if applicable)
There is no current way of sharing a fight replay within the game.

I think it would be a valuable tool in helping guilds assist and train members if they could show fights and find out what they did wrong so they can improve. This would help players develop skills and assist one another in overcoming a particularly strong defense or GE encounter. Linking would be similar to linking a GB or trade and would require the thread allow players to relay feedback on the same thread.

Abuse Prevention
I dont think there is any abuse potential other than players who dont want to see the replays. As such, they can be dropped from the message or ignore a player who might use them to taunt them.

Visual Aids

I hope players might support this as its intended to help mentor our newer or less experienced players in an easier fashion. I would also like to see Negotiations be something that could be added in a similar way down the road for the exact same reasons (but no via this proposal)

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