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Share Your City!


Active Member
I am curious to see everybody's cities. I don't care about scores or GB levels unless they're impressive (like an 80 arc). I just wanna see where everybody is at. And if you're ashamed of your city or you think it isn't good, that's ok. I still want to see it and we wont judge.
I cannot screenshot my city on my tablet right now but sometime tomorrow i will share a pic of mine :)


Well-Known Member
I aged up last week, so I am getting diamonds from them. after that, they will just be placeholders till I get something better (i.e. Mr. Harvest "insane attack boost" Farm). I have several thousand of each good, HMA through ME, so any quests I do, are just bonus.


Active Member
I will share a pic of my city soon
I have an 80 Arc. Obs is at 10 from an obs program and traz is level 11. Other GBs are below 10.
I am LMA with 4.9 mil (but can I just call it 5 please!?).
I started in mid-May 2020.
It's usually neater but we're in the middle of Fall Event, so it's Mass Production/Build & Destroy/Drop Stuff Wherever City right now.
At the end of the month, I'll finally age up to LMA and do a clean up. (Can you tell I love event buildings? LOL)
My GBs are at 6... hope to have them at 10 by then. Dreaming of an Arc.


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