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Should be a way to hide players in your Guild (i.e. the ones that don't aid or motivate etc.)


Well-Known Member
If you just want to Aid those who Aid you I have a solution:

Town Hall
Event History
Filter by Guild and Social Interactions
Aid everyone the filter shows

Now you've Aided everyone in your Guild that Aided you within the last 5 days

The Lady Redneck

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If you are in a guild where very few aid each other, you could try a private message to the founder to see if he is aware of the problem. If he is and does not address it, then find a better guild.


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My guild has a requirement for aiding that is two or three times a week. Honestly on top of aiding all my friends (none of whom are in my guild) it's a big pain in the arse. Especially since they won't give us an aid-all button and there are 70 people in the guild.

Also I'm friends with old neighbors and low level players that I've accumulated over time from 1.9 threads etc. The best m/p people are low up and coming players. The old crusties NEVER m/p. I just keep them around because they donate to my GB's in 1.9. There are more reasons to have friends that just m/p.

Also I have noticed that the only people in a guild that m/p are the ones you m/p, or the ones that post to your GB's in 1.9.
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Ebeondi Asi

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I aid all Guildies and Friends (plus tavern) every day. Generally Guildies aid less than Friends, and Hoodies even less. Friends list I weed out players who do not aid regularly.
I used to aid all Hoodies too, but realized better to keep them open for Quests, Plus if one attacks me I can attack back instantly, instead of waiting until the aid drops off.
So I am aiding 130+ Friends and about 70+ Guildies in three Worlds every single day. No problem.
Being too lazy to aid everyone is just lazy. I see no excuse other than being too lazy, tired, ill, selfish, and mean-spirited LOL
Though if you work three jobs, and volunteer besides,or are in the Military... I can see a person having a hard time to find time to aid everyone every day.
(Two jobs is no excuse LOL)
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