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Forwarded Show building stats from the new era before using a Renovation/One Up Kit

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Well-Known Member

When using a Renovation/One Up Kit, show the stats (attack/defense boost, coins, population...) of the building from the age you are trying to upgrade it to.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

I checked the Ideas section, but did not find any similar ideas.


Stats on some buildings do not increase with each age (for example, the attack boost of the Checkmate Square).
If you have a limited amount of Renovation/One Up Kits and want to spend them on buildings that will increase certain stats or if you're just curious how much the stats of a building will change if you upgrade it, you need to check for that on the Official FoE Wiki.


Since a confirmation window already appears when you attempt to upgrade a building, no extra windows and extra taps/clicks would be necessary - the information would be visible in the confirmation window that is already present now. For buildings with a high number of bonuses (population, coins, military boost, Forge Points, goods...), there'd be an option to expand the text to see everything. You could still simply select "Use" or "Cancel" if you weren't interested in that information.

Visual Aids:

Please see the attached images and forgive my lack of knowledge about image editing, I think you'll get the idea.


I don't think anything would need to be balanced if this idea were implemented.

Abuse Prevention:

I don't see any possible way to abuse this.


This would allow players to gain easier access to the tracking of their stats and boosts before deciding to use one of the two kits I mentioned and would not take any additional time to perform an action for those who are not interested in seeing the information.


Tony 85 the Generous

Well-Known Member
Being the wiki is (apparently) not written by Inno, this would be an integrated method to show what the upgrade would bring. Either display the change as displayed or the full list of stats for the new age of the building. The latter may be easier to program as it is in a database somewhere in the program already whereas the differential is not.


Well-Known Member
I like this idea.
Might be cool if the interface looked like Upgrade Building, where you can see current stats on left and new stats on right.
On PC, you can see the Upgrade stats both from inventory and when you click the building in city. I think on mobile it is only in inventory? In city only gives you OK/Cancel? (Don't play much on mobile, so might be wrong on that). For one up/reno it would have to be an in city thing, obviously.

I upgraded 1 of 2 SoH not long ago. I used that left/right, now vs. upgraded feature to decide which one to upgrade. Quick and Easy.
I also aged up not too long ago. With limited one up and reno kits, I needed to be careful what I used where. Wiki gave me the info I needed to make decisions, but it wasn't quick and easy. (But, please, don't label this DNSL because I used the word 'Easy'. This is not that kind of 'Easy').

Well written proposal, BTW.


Well-Known Member
So it's a popular idea to see the potential future stats of a building when using a reno/one-up kit on it, but not popular to see how many upgrades a special building has left? Weird.


So it's a popular idea to see the potential future stats of a building when using a reno/one-up kit on it, but not popular to see how many upgrades a special building has left? Weird.
Yeah I thought the same thing...

like I said in that post, I’m always up for less research and more in game time.
Great idea, great time saver and well thought out. Would improve the overall quality of the gaming experience for me. One of the only dreads of aging up for me is deciding what to drag along and what to leave behind. Don't mind the research and don't even think this idea is a necessary change, but this idea is a great one. Full support here.