Since the forum is entitled "Drama," here's some!

Jonathan M

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I thought this was funny enough to save. After I refused the advances of a spammer/FP enthusiast (a different word is more appropriate, but not intended for a family audience), and just before I was "ignored," I received this message (much of it I don't quote, as it includes several abbreviated profanities that merely confirmed what I suspected about this inDUHvidual:

"Oh... And i was poaching the friends of my neighbors. I look at Their GBs & search back a few levels & msg whoever giving Decent amount. I enjoy poaching from neighbors & taking away Their free fps. Bc no one except me has figured out how to Effectively & consistently get free fps in this game. The emoiji's Really work as does acting nice "

Thought you all should know. This person is the only one here that knows how to "effectively and consistently" use their Arc to get "free" FPs. Whatever you're doing, it's obviously wrong.

Consider yourselves schooled. I feel so humbled.

Darth Mole

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He must be flippin' awesome - you should be honored just to have had communication with him. Lucky so 'n so