[Question] Small Questions

My first question is:
Will the FoE B-DAY event the next special event.

If it is, here is my second question:
Is it on the beta server.

My second question (or 3rd):
will there be summer event this year

Next question:
when will the post modern era be released on the beta server

4th or 5th question:
Can any of these questions be answered


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Seeing how there has been no sign of anything FoE anniversary-like on beta, I'm not sure they're doing anything this year. Last year it was just a couple of quests with standard quest rewards (coin, supplies, random reward, blue prints, fp packs, etc.) and at the end of it you got a few images of the buildings as work in progress. So it was never anything big, not sure if they'll do something this year (I don't remember on which date exactly the anniversary falls on, but if my memory serves me right last year this questline took place in May).

Regarding the summer event, I would imagine that there will be one. We do not get information in advance, so we cannot say for sure, but I assume there will be one, but later on (I'm thinking around August, maybe).

Post Modern Era has already been released on the beta server with the last update (the update that took place here on the US servers yesterday). No info yet on when it will be added to the main servers.
Ok, but if memory serves me right, it took place during the whole summer, july to august? still trying to get a rogue hideout, but also, what is the one post modern era GB. the B-day event was sometime late may, early july, if memory serves me right.


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No, it's meant as the game's first birthday, a year since its creation.
What a year it has been! Forge of Empires has reached its 1st birthday, removed Beta status
So no, it does not imply that there will be any future birthday events, it's not "first event for the game's birthday".