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Small small guild looking for a few good members



I'm from the guild "sundown". We consist of three members, but my friend and I are the only really active ones. The third person is just kind of there and does not communicate with us at all. We are working very hard to get great buildings and level each others up, but having a few more people in guild with a similar mindset would be incredibly helpful.

So what is "sundown" about? Carolynj16 and I, Agatha 901 the Generous, have our Arcs, which is what we're primarily focused on leveling, at least to 10 until we get more members to help raise theirs up and get prints and forge point packs in the process. We also do guild expedition every week and finish, with the main goal being more forge points through terrace farms and whatnot. It's not a requirement that you complete the expedition or even have an Arc. What we are interested in, is active players that want to communicate to build our great buildings up and get more forge points.

So if you're active, or even just new, and are interested in getting higher level great buildings and doing the expedition, feel free to message me in game or on here.

My name is Agatha 901 the Generous, and I approve this message.



I am looking for a guild to join that is more active than the one I am now in. Would like to go further in the Guild Expeditions. I aid folks everyday and prefer to be a team player rather than just solo. Let me know if you have any questions for me.



Just a quick update for anyone on Qunrir looking for a guild. The folks in Sundown have been fantastic. As a new player to the game, their hints on game play have been very welcome. Everyone helps each other out and you get quick answers when you ask a question in guild chat. All levels of the guild expedition are unlocked and I now have several blueprints for Great Buildings thanks to my guild mates. Highly recommended!