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Soccer Cup 2021 Feedback

Lord Pest

Active Member
I met my goal for this event. Spent my stash of 4K drinks and got 9 winners plaza selection kits. I play the middle game all the time and every year I tell myself to try the hard game and see if it makes a difference but I never do. This is one event I would never pay to play.

Stay Rita

Active Member
Great event! I enjoyed the quest and spending all my soccer drinks! My goal was to rush the main questline on all worlds which was pretty easy by doing 10 a day until I completed the rush quest. After I finished the rush quest I took a break and just did up to quest 43 before spending everything today on wishing wells. Was able to cash out and clear up to 222 wishing wells throughout all 27 worlds.


I wound up getting all the prizes I went for in my main two cities and plenty of wells in my farms for this event. So I can't complain about the rewards system overall I'm pretty happy with the event. Simple enough and not time consuming on the level of archaeology.
My number 1 gripe is with the tournament side of the game. Spending tickets for a chance to win a chance at the prize you want is not a great system. Most of my rewards came from training as I gave up on the idea of team building each match and just ran the middle lane for tournaments the entire time. I would not miss it if it were to disappear.
The only other thing I dont like is player cards / leveling. There's very little point to it all as the opponents level at the same rate and they are a non-permanent reward. Meaning I wont be starting next years soccer cup with these leveled players as they are all reset at the end of the game. Again I wouldnt be bothered if they disappeared.
The abbey is nice enough. Not an A-list must have prize but I built it in both cities that matter and got it to max level. (Or will once the league rewards drop)

I would like to see a way to exchange tickets for drinks and drinks for tickets so I could have the option to chase one side or the other, but know that's unlikely.


Active Member
I too need the tournament reward to reach max level in my 3 cities. Fortunately, I am In the Bronze (2) or Silver League (1) so should have no problem.

Update. The last daily 80 drinks was enough for 1 city to complete the last level of the abbey without the tournament prize.
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Just An Observer

Active Member
This event began with a hunt for Sentinels/Level 2's. I wound up with what I wanted plus an Artemis and a pair of Level 2 Winner's Plazas, so count this event as a success. The AD will get a full load, plenty of FP's, goods, Medals and units also came my way. The Diamond expenditure was relatively small too.